Gas Utilities Industry Market Index

The Gas Utilities Industry in the Utilities Sector includes companies whose main charter is to distribute and transmit natural and manufactured gas. It does not include companies primarily involved in gas exploration or production classified in the Oil and Gas Exploration & Production industry, or diversified midstream natural gas companies classified in the Oil and Gas Storage and Transportation industry.

The Gas Utilities industry index is a market composite index that includes 2 stocks from public trading companies and ADRs with the largest market capitalizations in the Gas Utilities industry. The list of stocks in the Gas Utilities industry includes UGI Corp and Atmos Energy Corp.

2/7/2023 Utilities Sector  Gas Utilities Industry

$11,296    Change: +0.01%    Open: $11,246    High: $11,343    Low: $11,119
UGI Corp (UGI)
Gas Utilities Industry
Atmos Energy Corp (ATO)
Index Value: $11,296   +0.01%
Volume: 109.62M   Average Volume (3 month): 180.94M
Market Capitalization: $1.75T
EBITDA: $309.43B
PEG Ratio (5 year Expected): 2.61
Dividend Yield: 2.66%
Dividend Rate: $288.01
Dividend Yield (Forward): 2.77%
Dividend Rate (Forward): $298.81
Shares Outstanding: 28.32B
Book Value: $6,098
Short Ratio: 2.79
Price Target (1 year): $11,780
Symbol Security Price Gain Volume vol. Str. Weight
UGI UGI Corp 40.65 +1.27% 708,883 0.54 34.07%
Gas Utilities Industry 11,296.29 +0.01% 109.62M 0.61 1.84%
ATO Atmos Energy Corp 116.90 -0.63% 667,191 0.74 65.93%
Symbol Security Market Cap Div Yield PEG Ratio
UGI UGI Corp 8.518B 3.55% 1.87
Gas Utilities Industry $1.75T 2.66% 2.61
ATO Atmos Energy Corp 16.485B 2.31% 2.44
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