Airlines Industry Market Index

The Airlines Industry in the Industrials Sector includes companies providing primarily passenger air transportation.

The Airlines industry index is a market composite index that includes 5 stocks from public trading companies and ADRs with the largest market capitalizations in the Airlines industry. The list of stocks in the Airlines industry includes Southwest Airlines Co., Delta Air Lines Inc, American Airlines Group Inc, Alaska Air Group Inc. and United Airlines Holdings Inc.

6/27/2022 Industrials Sector  Airlines Industry

$5,799    Change: -2.46%    Open: $5,970    High: $5,976    Low: $5,770
Southwest Airlines Co. (LUV)
Delta Air Lines Inc (DAL)
American Airlines Group Inc (AAL)
Airlines Industry
Alaska Air Group Inc. (ALK)
United Airlines Holdings Inc (UAL)
Index Value: $5,799   -2.46%
Volume: 2.66B   Average Volume (3 month): 3.55B
Market Capitalization: $3.93T
EBITDA: $1.49B
PEG Ratio (5 year Expected): -0.98
Dividend Yield: N/A
Dividend Rate: N/A
Dividend Yield (Forward): N/A
Dividend Rate (Forward): N/A
Shares Outstanding: 112.09B
Book Value: $1,360
Short Ratio: 1.70
Price Target (1 year): $8,678
Symbol Security Price Gain Volume vol. Str. Weight
LUV Southwest Airlines Co. 36.99 -1.96% 4.18M 0.70 32.46%
DAL Delta Air Lines Inc 30.44 -2.44% 12.78M 0.86 28.88%
AAL American Airlines Group Inc 13.56 -2.45% 26.00M 0.71 13.04%
Airlines Industry 5,798.52 -2.46% 2.66B 0.75 2.18%
ALK Alaska Air Group Inc. 40.87 -2.50% 1.51M 0.77 7.63%
UAL United Airlines Holdings Inc 37.20 -3.40% 9.77M 0.72 17.99%
Symbol Security Market Cap Div Yield PEG Ratio
LUV Southwest Airlines Co. 21.287B -0.64
DAL Delta Air Lines Inc 18.975B -0.40
AAL American Airlines Group Inc 8.431B 0.09
Airlines Industry $3.93T N/A -0.98
ALK Alaska Air Group Inc. 5.034B -0.42
UAL United Airlines Holdings Inc 11.7B -0.30
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