Electrical Equipment Industry Market Index

The Electrical Equipment Industry in the Industrials Sector includes companies that produce electric cables and wires, electrical components or equipment; and manufacturers of power-generating equipment and other heavy electrical equipment (including power turbines, heavy electrical machinery intended for fixed-use and large electrical systems).

The Electrical Equipment industry index is a market composite index that includes 6 stocks from public trading companies and ADRs with the largest market capitalizations in the Electrical Equipment industry. The list of stocks in the Electrical Equipment industry includes AMETEK Inc, Rockwell Automation Inc., Eaton Corp Plc, Emerson Electric Co., Generac Holdings Inc and ABB Ltd.

3/27/2023 Industrials Sector  Electrical Equipment Industry

$24,400    Change: +0.28%    Open: $24,374    High: $24,615    Low: $24,283
Rockwell Automation Inc. (ROK)
Electrical Equipment Industry
Eaton Corp Plc (ETN)
Emerson Electric Co. (EMR)
Generac Holdings Inc (GNRC)
Index Value: $24,400   +0.28%
Volume: 457.73M   Average Volume (3 month): 584.62M
Market Capitalization: N/A
PEG Ratio (5 year Expected): N/A
Dividend Yield: N/A
Dividend Rate: N/A
Dividend Yield (Forward): N/A
Dividend Rate (Forward): N/A
Shares Outstanding: N/A
Book Value: N/A
Short Ratio: N/A
Price Target (1 year): N/A
Symbol Security Price Gain Volume vol. Str. Weight
AME AMETEK Inc 139.79 +0.34% 744,846 0.73 13.23%
ROK Rockwell Automation Inc. 278.40 +0.29% 433,019 0.62 13.14%
Electrical Equipment Industry 24,400.38 +0.28% 457.73M 0.78 7.29%
ETN Eaton Corp Plc 163.88 +0.15% 1.89M 0.98 26.85%
EMR Emerson Electric Co. 82.74 -0.18% 2.23M 0.61 19.44%
GNRC Generac Holdings Inc 109.71 -1.36% 892,285 0.63 2.79%
ABB ABB Ltd 32.14 -1.86% 1.23M 0.88 24.55%
Symbol Security Market Cap Div Yield PEG Ratio
AME AMETEK Inc 32.083B 0.64% 2.31
ROK Rockwell Automation Inc. 31.863B 1.63% 1.99
Electrical Equipment Industry N/A N/A N/A
ETN Eaton Corp Plc 65.213B 1.97% 2.24
EMR Emerson Electric Co. 47.363B 2.48% 2.01
GNRC Generac Holdings Inc 7.106B -11.83
ABB ABB Ltd 61.168B 2.72% 1.48
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