Stock Market Data of British American Tobacco PLC

1/14/2022  BTI (British American Tobacco PLC)

$42.45    Change: +1.82%    Open: $41.61    High: $42.50    Low: $41.58
Sector: Consumer Staples
Industry: Tobacco
Stock Price: $42.45   +1.82%
Open: $41.61    High: $42.50    Low: $41.58
Volume: 7.37M   Average Volume (3 month): 4.68M
Market Capitalization: 97.41B
EBITDA: 12.078B
EPS Basic: N/A   Diluted: N/A   Actual: N/A
EPS Estimation: High N/A   Medium: N/A   Low: N/A
P/E: N/A
PEG Ratio (5 year Expected):
Dividend Yield: 5.08%
Dividend Rate: 2.12
Dividend Yield (Forward): 7.16%
Dividend Rate (Forward): 2.98
Shares Outstanding: 2.295B
Book Value: 27.50
Short Ratio: 0.29
Price Target (1 year): 50.56
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