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The newly introduced Technical Analysis tool performs trend and pivot point analysis of stocks and indexes in daily, weekly, monthly and intraday (when market is currently opening) timeframes.

The US Total Market Composite Indexes track the stock market performance of companies grouped by 11 sectors and 69 industries. These indexes consist of stocks traded on the NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX exchanges of more than six hundreds companies and ADRs with the largest market capitalizations.

The market news recap provides intraday data analysis, trading and market sentiment summary of the US stock market at 10:30, 12:45 and 16:00 on every market opening day.

The Stock Market Map (a.k.a. market heat map or market tree map) is a visual representation of US stock market data categorized in sectors and industries. It is an investment research tool let you quickly view the performance of different sectors, industries and individual companies. The size of the block in the map represents the values of the component (stock or industry) within the portfolio of its parent (industry or sector). The color of the block represents the daily price movement of the component. The overall performance of the entire stock market and/or individual sector can be easily grasped by a glimpse to the map by the color and size of the blocks.

In additional to the free services offer in website, the sector & industry indexes as well as various stock heat maps applications are also available in the format of Android and iOS Apps for mobile phones, tablets, iPhones and iPads. These apps can be found in the Google Play store, Apple App stores, Amazon App stores, and direct download online.

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5/18/2022 13:18 US Market Summary

Sector Gain Volume Daily Volume avg(3m) Vol. Str. Market Cap EBITDA Div Yield Div Yield Fwd PEG Ratio
Utilities -0.59% 844.86M 2.41B 0.64 $29.21T $2.93T 2.68% 3.12% 4.57
Health Care -1.86% 7.77B 18.87B 0.75 $488.21T $44.98T 2.88% 1.77% 6.51
Real Estate -1.94% 613.61M 1.43B 0.78 $10.04T $481.30B 2.32% 2.46% 24.20
Energy -2.12% 2.96B 7.51B 0.72 $62.26T $39.39T 2.97% 4.39% 0.88
Materials -2.66% 1.71B 3.53B 0.88 $30.23T $11.56T 3.63% 4.89% 0.58
Financials -2.71% 14.98B 29.60B 0.92 $297.82T $27.16T 2.79% 2.14% 0.99
Communication Services -2.83% 5.52B 13.30B 0.75 $161.59T $69.18T 0.70% 0.60% 2.83
US Market -3.10% 87.70B 159.39B 1.00 $2.13Q $452.72T 1.99% 1.65% 9.51
Industrials -3.16% 6.21B 14.43B 0.78 $128.53T $8.06T 1.37% 1.49% 1.15
Information Technology -3.53% 7.18B 14.23B 0.92 $258.26T $73.21T 1.20% 0.89% 1.90
Consumer Staples -4.41% 26.72B 30.56B 1.59 $379.18T $43.39T 2.67% 2.60% 2.51
Consumer Discretionary -5.67% 13.19B 23.53B 1.02 $285.00T $132.39T 2.05% 0.65% 57.38

US Market Highlight   Wednesday, May 18, 2022 12:45 PM

At the middle of the trading day on Wednesday, May 18, 2022, US Market continues the downtrend from the morning, trades down broadly having all sectors in the red with BullLabs total market index having a loss of 2.64% from previous day. The trading volume is normal, at 0.98 times of the three-month average trading volume within the same intraday period.

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