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BullLabs.com publishes stock market sector and industry indices. Our US Total Market Composite Index publication contains indices calculated based on 5,700+ public trading companies on the NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX. Indices are categorized into Sectors and Industry Groups with the composition weight of each company is adjusted periodically based on market caps. This allows investors to benchmark the performance of investment based on specific stock market sectors or industries.


US Total Market Composite Index classification I (NASNAQ.com classification)

4/8/2019 US Market

Market Sector Index Value Daily Gain
Energy 3,186.64 +1.56%
Technology 14,554.04 +1.36%
Transportation 9,311.54 +1.15%
Consumer Services 11,853.09 +1.01%
Finance 4,141.80 +0.99%
Miscellaneous 70,561.91 +0.98%
Consumer Non-Durables 6,340.15 +0.60%
Health Care 5,991.99 +0.56%
Consumer Durables 1,566.47 +0.52%
Capital Goods 6,675.48 +0.45%
Public Utilities 6,059.90 -0.31%
Basic Industries 3,353.60 -1.62%